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AG8球哑铃卧推起始动作图解 点击放大AG8球哑铃卧推图解
AG8球哑铃卧推动作图解 点击放大AG8球哑铃卧推图解
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AG8球哑铃卧推动作要领 —》我雷锋 我翻译

    Set up for the exercise by placing a set of dumbbells near an exercise ball. Pick up the dumbbells off the floor using a neutral grip (palms facing in), position the ends of the dumbbells on your thighs, and sit down on the exercise ball. Alternatively, a training partner could hand you the dumbbells after getting into position.

    To get in position you need to rock back pushing the dumbbells back with your thighs and only slightly bending at the elbows. Allow the exercise ball to roll back and under your middle-back.

    Keeping your core tight with your feet flat on the floor for stability,you should be in position to start the set -laying back on the ball holding thedumbbells straight up above your chest.This is the starting position for the movement.

    Slowly lower the dumbbells down as far as comfortablypossible (the handles should be about level with your chest).

    Pause, and then contract the chest and push the dumbbells back up.

    Do not lock your elbows out, and then repeat for desired reps.

    Once you have finished the set, DO NOT DROP THE DUMBBELLS! Twist the dumbbells around to neutral (palms facing each other) position and rest them against your chest. Roll back on the ball into a seated position, resting the dumbbells on your knees.

Exercise Tips:

    The dumbbell press is a great mass builder! Make sure you use the longest range of motion possible, as this ensures the muscle is getting a good stretch and contraction.

    Do not touch the dumbbells together at the top of the movement.Keep them 2-3 inches apart.

    Don't drop the dumbbells at the end of the set.You can safely use the weight of the dumbbells to rock up to a seated position as explained above.

    Take full advantage of this exercise by tightening your core throughout. This will help with stability and give your abdominal area a good workout.