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AG8球俯卧撑动作要领 —》我雷锋 我翻译

    Exercise BallPushups are a great exercise for someone looking to add intensity and get additional core benefits. Place your hands on the center of an exercise ball just beyond shoulder width apart.

    Hold your torso up at arms length with your toes on the floor. This is your starting position.

    Focus on tightening your core and slowly lower yourself downward until your chest nearly touches the ball.

    Squeeze your chest and slowly press your upper body back to the starting position.

    Pause briefly at this position. This is one rep.

    Repeat for a desired number of reps.

Exercise Tips:

    Exercise ball pushups are great for finishing off an intense chest workout.

    Keep your body straight and your spine neutrally aligned.

    Keep your head up and use full range of motion.

    Keep your core as tense as possible to aid in balance. Your absare sure to get an additional workout with this exercise.